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pic1My name is Wayne McConnell and this is my website. I am a Professional Website Designer, operating in the West Suburbs, Kloof, Hillcrest, Pinetown, New Germany, Westville, Durban Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

As a Full-time, Website Designer, and Online Operations Manager, this website has become a hobby of mine. It's an experimental website, built to share my personal thoughts and ideas when it comes Web Design, Online Marketing, Website Design, Hosting and Website Statistics.

I originally started off as a Graphic Designer. I was an artist that enjoyed expressing my feeling in my artwork. I was passionate in all forms of creativity from signage to magazines, business cards, and letterheads. Due to the introduction of the Internet, I became obsessed with finding out how things worked. Then I ventured into animation, digital photography and video.

I also spent about 9 years working as a pub manager, and meeting a variety of people. I think the best part of working in a pub, was that a lot can be learned about how important happy customers and personal relationships are in business.

My obsession with trying to figure out how things worked, is still a huge part of my day to day life. I have been building websites professionally for the past 8 years now. In these 8 years I have learned so much, but I still feel that I don't know enough. My goal is to share my thoughts and ideas to help small businesses receive more value from their company websites. I want to help small businesses turn their website into an investment, instead of an expense.

When a website is built correctly, your website becomes the best sales person that your company could ever have. It becomes the lead generation tool, that it's meant to be.

Where do most websites owners go wrong?

Most websites focus too much on images, where Google looks for new and fresh content, written articles, blog posts and etc. Don't get me wrong, images are an extremely important part of a website. But they are not as important as the written content on your website. Images are great for catching peoples attention, but without well written content, your website is doomed to fail.

How can website owners fix this? 

In today's world, a website is very important for a company, but most company's fail to see the true potential of owning a website. People are not stupid, and they can tell the difference between a fake emotionless website, or a website that belongs to a real company.

The core difference between a fake website and a real website, is the use of stock photography. By simply just using more real photography, you will notice a huge difference in the type of customer your website receives.

It's also easy to see the difference between written content that has specially been written just to make more sales, or something that is written from the heart.

Where do I start as a company?

Firstly, you should take a good look at your website. You should go back to the basics and ask yourself, what is the purpose of the website? What is the main goal of the website, and what are you trying to achieve?

What are your clients wanting? Can you give them what they are looking for? This could be anything from finding out more about your company, staff and company values, to product catalogues, product information, spec sheets and etc.

Once you satisfy the need, the rest is easy.

What are most customers looking for?

The most important thing that your website would need to achieve is trust and credibility. Once you achieve this, and once people know that they can trust the source of information, they will keep coming back for more. Once you build the trust, you need to maintain it. It's about being loyal to your customers and having their best interests in mind at all times. Once you break this trust, it's almost impossible to regain it.

How to analyse and improve your website?

A website is built from a combination of coding languages. From a Coder's point of view, the perfect website is clean and structured code. It's the perfect combination of these coding languages to achieve the purpose of the website. It's about thinking of hosting, load times, and optimizing graphics to load faster.

From a Web Designer's point of view, it's the best looking website that is the most successful website. Designers are able to take the simplest content and transform it into an amazingly creative an entertaining user experience.

From a Copywriter's point of view, it's about connecting with your website visitors on a one-on-one basis. It's about writing interesting and useful content. It's about catching the attention of website visitors by using exciting and eye catching headlines.

From an Internet Marketers perspective, it's about labeling everything correctly, and optimizing pages to attract more traffic. It's about calls-to-action and getting your website visitors to follow through your sales funnel and getting them to complete a micro, or macro conversion, or sale.

From a Business Owner's point of view, they just cant understand why web development cost so much money. They have no idea of all the specialists that are needed, and the amount of experience a company, or individual would need to achieve such a successful website. Yes, a Business Owner shouldn't have to worry about all of this, and yes that's why the hire a web design agency, or independent web designer.

At the end of the day, most businesses just care about their return on investment, statistics and results. They want to achieve great things, but they forget that to achieve these results, they need real people to visit their websites. It's real people that buy their products and loyally support their brands.

By combining these different points of view, your website could be much more successful than you imagined.